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Hey, everyone, we're halfway there!

Okay, I totally meant to make a post last week, but I got busy with the writing and I forgot. Um. So.

How's everyone doing? We're halfway through the month and (ideally) halfway through our novels. How is yours proceeding? Are you ahead? Behind? Do you need a plot hole plugged? Character motivations?

Let us know how you're doing!

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50K and Still Not Finished?

Hello, all!

So, once we reach our 50K (and we will, mind you!), what are your plans?  More specifically, what are you plans if you're not even remotely finished with your novel after you've reached (exceeded?) the 50K mark?

That's my dilemma.  As of right now, I'm at the half-way point, and I don't see an end in sight.  I've hopped around to get the creative juices flowing.  I've written about three consecutive chapters for the beginning, but now I'm focusing on scenes and details in the middle to the story, right when things start moving, in an effort to combat writer's block.  I'm not afraid of running out of stuff to write, like some people are, I'm very much afraid of the opposite.

So, what do I do?  Come Decemeber do I keep-on-keepin' on until it's finished?  Or do I start my editing process?  And, if I'm honest, I really want to start the editing process right now, lol.  It's killing me not to sit down and polish and delete and add and whatnot to everything I've written thus far.  It's a real feat, let me tell you.

Suggestions?  Anyone in the same boat?  Sailed the same boat before?  Help?

Good luck with the rest of NaNoWriMo! (=

I Won NaNo!!

My story is only 3/4 done, but I got big news!

I won NaNo!!

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51,559 / 50,000

Look at that glorious word count meter!
All plump and full (and pink)!
Yay! Go me!

/end shameless self promotion
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Week two blues have hit me, everyone. I feel like all I'm writing is crap crap crap. My internal editor has fainted from the horror of it all, which is a blessing, I guess.

Who has tips for escaping the blues (beyond "just keep writing". I'm writing! I'm just overwhelmed by "UGH" and am therefore writing slowly)
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Procrastination, I cannot avoid it! I keep distracting myself from writing with about any other action available!

How do you make yourself focus on writing? I can't be the only one having this problem? D:

(Crossposted like a loser, apologies if this shows up more than once on your flist.)
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The Number 2 Club, or, Kickin' It Old School

Anyone out there doing even part of their NaNovel longhand this year or previously? I don't own a laptop, so a good part of my novel is going to be done in paper-and-pen/cil. (I have a desktop at home, and plan to transcribe as much as I can for an accurate word count.) I would love to hear from other WriMo's who have/are doing the month by low tech means.
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A quick hilarious question

Okay, how can I submit the words I've written so far? At the top of the page there's the update-button but it's not working for me. Is it even supposed to work or is there some other way to do that?

Thank you!
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[Resources] Software on Sale! Also OH GOD NANO.

Hi folks, just letting you know...

In a previous resources post, I mentioned a piece of software called Liquid Story Binder. In case you've been wibbling and eyeing the price, I thought I'd let you know that Liquid Story Binder is currently on sale for half off. It's for one week only, so you'll want to step up.

Also, oh my God it's November first! How's everyone doing? All of you off to a good start?

Good luck, Wrimos!


So I figure I should probably stop by and introduce myself, what with the fact that I have just joined this community.

Well, I'm Spider, 19, living in Australia, and quite obviously doing Nano. This will be my second year; last year I failed miserably, but I did meet my boyfriend because of Nano, so it wasn't a complete loss =P.

I write anything and everything. I have a few vague ideas at the moment, ideas that are quickly taking shape, but beyond that I figure I will just write and see what comes out. That normally seems to work pretty well for me.

This is a completely new blog I am posting from btw, as a general rule I completely FAIL at keeping them. Come talk to me and give me a reason to keep it going =P. I love meeting new people...especially people as insane as me...which all you fellow NaNoers must be =P.