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NaNo Prep: Fuel!

Hello, everyone! Sorry the post is a bit late this week--my life keeps going crazy. But enough about me. Let's talk about you!

In the NaNoWriters community on Dreamwidth, Lady Seishou has been talking about food rather a lot. What do you use to fuel your NaNo madness? Do you live on caffeine and sugar, or do you attempt to do that whole thing with the healthy meals and water instead of soda?

For myself, I do a lot of crock-pot cooking in November. It's the right time of year up here in Chicago for thick, hot soups and stews, stuff that requires maybe an hour or two of prep at the beginning of the week (plus the 8 hours in the crock pot) and then feeds me for the entire week with an investment of 3 minutes to microwave it, and one minute to wash the dishes afterward.

Food also can make a great reward for meeting your goals! I keep some of my favourite healthy snacks on tap (sliced bell peppers, grapes, strawberries if I can find them for less than $5/pound) to fuel the actual writing. At the end of each week, if I've met my goals, I reward myself with a cup of Ghirardelli hot chocolate (with whole milk, because anything else would be a travesty. Well, 2% works, but.)

What do you do to fuel your NaNo madness? What tasty rewards do you get for meeting your goals?
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