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Maybe not time to start our engines yet...

...but it is time for the annual maintenance!

It's that six-week countdown!

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to nanowriters. I hope you're all ready for another stab at the elusive 50,000 words. I know I am!

Last year I did a kickoff post with a lot of general suggestions for us. This year, I think I'm going to try breaking it down into smaller pieces, and putting more focus into each thing.

For now, I'm getting into the planning stages of my novel. I have a general concept of the world, I know who my three main characters are (though no signs of an antagonist yet!), and I'm starting to get a vague shape of the plot. The plot still resembles the "characters do stuff. --> ??? --> Profit!" model, but I'm getting there.

So for our kickoff post, let's talk about resources. The URL for the spreadsheet has changed, due to some changes in my hosting status, so look for it here. It is an Excel file in Office 2003 format, but those of you using Macs or OpenOffice should be able to use it without any trouble.

Later, I'll get into some more details about software, workspace, and ways that people write, but in the short term let's talk about those crucial components: plot, characters, and world.

If you're writing a fantasy or sci-fi story, you're probably familiar with the challenges involved in world building. I really like 30 Days of World-Building, a hand-holding exercise that helps you build your entire world in 15-minute blocks over a 30-day period.

As far as characters go, have you tried Seventh Sanctum? Their blog is really interesting in general, and it contains a huge pile of generators, including characters, combat, equipment, names, setting, skills, superheroes, and technology. If nothing else, it's a great way to amuse yourself clicking for hours on the generators! But I think it's a good resource if you're being serious, too.

That's it for this week's post; I'll be back next week with more things! Also, if there's an aspect of NaNo you particularly struggle with and would like to get some advice on, please do drop me a comment so I can incorporate it into the mod posts!

Happy NaNo, everyone!
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