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Down to the wire...

How are you all doing? Did you catch up over the Thanksgiving holiday? If you're still not there, fear not! You'd be amazed what deadlines can do for some people (I've been known to churn out 7000 words in 3 hours under deadline at times.)

I hope you've all had a better November than I did, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again next year :) Feel free to leave gripes, victory dances, and other things in the comments.

Also, if you have suggestions for how I can make this community better next year (I know I kind of fell off the wagon this year, and I'm sorry for that), please leave those as well!
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Halfway there!

How are you all doing?

Yesterday, after having been behind all month, I finally caught up and hit 25,000 words. My outlook for the rest of the month is a good deal more cheerful. My characters are talking to each other, the plot is progressing nicely (and it seems I am not in dire danger of running out of it before November 30 or 50K), and in general I think I've hit the tipping point after which it all becomes easier.

How are things in your neck of NaNo land?
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Week One Mid-Point

Sorry this is a day late! I had utterly lost track of days thanks to my friend Mr. Influenza, who showed up unannounced and far outstayed his welcome.

How are you all doing? I hope your word counts look healthier than my piffling 2391.

Once again, if there's anything I can do to help keep you all motivated, please let me know!
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Ready to rock?

In just a few hours, it'll be time to start writing! (Or maybe where you are it already is.) Best of luck to all of you! You can do it!

I especially admire those of you who are starting to write at midnight. :D Personally, I'm lazy, and will be partying. I can write tomorrow, right?


This is my second year to do NaNo - I failed miserably last year so this year but I'm optimistic about this one.

I'm trying to get plugged into online communities and such to e-socialize with people who understand what I'm going through!  
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NaNo Prep: Fuel!

Hello, everyone! Sorry the post is a bit late this week--my life keeps going crazy. But enough about me. Let's talk about you!

In the NaNoWriters community on Dreamwidth, Lady Seishou has been talking about food rather a lot. What do you use to fuel your NaNo madness? Do you live on caffeine and sugar, or do you attempt to do that whole thing with the healthy meals and water instead of soda?

For myself, I do a lot of crock-pot cooking in November. It's the right time of year up here in Chicago for thick, hot soups and stews, stuff that requires maybe an hour or two of prep at the beginning of the week (plus the 8 hours in the crock pot) and then feeds me for the entire week with an investment of 3 minutes to microwave it, and one minute to wash the dishes afterward.

Food also can make a great reward for meeting your goals! I keep some of my favourite healthy snacks on tap (sliced bell peppers, grapes, strawberries if I can find them for less than $5/pound) to fuel the actual writing. At the end of each week, if I've met my goals, I reward myself with a cup of Ghirardelli hot chocolate (with whole milk, because anything else would be a travesty. Well, 2% works, but.)

What do you do to fuel your NaNo madness? What tasty rewards do you get for meeting your goals?
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Maybe not time to start our engines yet...

...but it is time for the annual maintenance!

It's that six-week countdown!

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to nanowriters. I hope you're all ready for another stab at the elusive 50,000 words. I know I am!

Last year I did a kickoff post with a lot of general suggestions for us. This year, I think I'm going to try breaking it down into smaller pieces, and putting more focus into each thing.

For now, I'm getting into the planning stages of my novel. I have a general concept of the world, I know who my three main characters are (though no signs of an antagonist yet!), and I'm starting to get a vague shape of the plot. The plot still resembles the "characters do stuff. --> ??? --> Profit!" model, but I'm getting there.

So for our kickoff post, let's talk about resources. The URL for the spreadsheet has changed, due to some changes in my hosting status, so look for it here. It is an Excel file in Office 2003 format, but those of you using Macs or OpenOffice should be able to use it without any trouble.

Later, I'll get into some more details about software, workspace, and ways that people write, but in the short term let's talk about those crucial components: plot, characters, and world.

If you're writing a fantasy or sci-fi story, you're probably familiar with the challenges involved in world building. I really like 30 Days of World-Building, a hand-holding exercise that helps you build your entire world in 15-minute blocks over a 30-day period.

As far as characters go, have you tried Seventh Sanctum? Their blog is really interesting in general, and it contains a huge pile of generators, including characters, combat, equipment, names, setting, skills, superheroes, and technology. If nothing else, it's a great way to amuse yourself clicking for hours on the generators! But I think it's a good resource if you're being serious, too.

That's it for this week's post; I'll be back next week with more things! Also, if there's an aspect of NaNo you particularly struggle with and would like to get some advice on, please do drop me a comment so I can incorporate it into the mod posts!

Happy NaNo, everyone!
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Last weekend!

Hey, everybody!

How are those novels going?

I'm at 45K and hoping to finish by tomorrow, but I've been an overachiever all month.

What can I do to help all of you?

The next time I see you, it'll be in the winner's circle. Go!
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